BMW Vision Neue Klasse Preview


A vision for the future

Preview the BMW Vision Neue Klasse in Gainesville, FL

Around the world, automotive brands are taking the first steps toward advanced vehicle electrification. BMW, however, is already reimagining the electric vehicle, looking even further to the potential that electromobility has in store. The result? The BMW Vision Neue Klasse, a concept vehicle built to demonstrate the new technologies the brand is developing. From its powertrain to its bright, modern interior, this model is a breath of fresh air — and its focus on reduced carbon emissions will help keep our planet’s air fresh. Keep reading to learn more about the BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept vehicle.

Get a glimpse of what’s possible.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse Highlights

This concept sedan has a minimalist aesthetic, complete with an interactive digital surface at the nose that combines the iconic BMW kidney grille with the headlights. Its exterior is the essence of pure, streamlined efficiency, plus a dash of sportiness.

Inside, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse has had all unnecessary elements omitted, leaving only a simple, intuitive cockpit that’s focused on elevating your driving experience.

In the same vein, the technology in this sedan is purely focused on you. A breathtaking display with augmented reality is projected on the windshield, merging the physical and digital worlds through BMW Panoramic Vision, part of the new iDrive Operating System.

BMW started from scratch when conceptualizing the Vision Neue Klasse — and this led to a model with higher range, faster charging and better efficiency than ever before, made possible by sixth-generation BMW eDrive.